1-Piece Pouches

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One-Piece Ostomy Pouches at Medical Monks bring quality and convenience together. Our wide selection of one-piece pouches for colostomy, urostomy and ileostomy wearers includes the brands you trust at prices you’ll love.

Brands You Trust

You’ll find all the ostomy pouch brands you trust at Medical Monks. From Convatec ActiveLive and Esteem, Coloplast Assura and SenSura, Hollister Premier and everyone in between, we’ve developed relationships with reliable manufacturers that trust us to carry their name-brand products. Here you can shop for the latest styles, with improved features. Like CeraPlus with Remois technology or Sensura Mio Flip with its unique design for difficult stomas. Whether you need standard or extended wear time skin barreris, closed or drainable pouches, bags with or without filters, we carry one-piece pouches to fit your stoma and your lifestyle.

The All-in-One Option

One-piece ostomy pouches are a single appliance that includes both the bag and the skin barrier, also called a flange or base plate. This is different from two-piece systems where the bag can be removed separately while the barrier plate remains in place. Benefits of a one-piece ostomy pouch include less bulkiness, easier securement – especially to scarred or uneven skin – and quicker application. Because attaching a fresh, clean one-piece ostomy bag to your stoma is generally faster and easier than in a two-piece system, many go the one-piece route.

Choosing a One-Piece Ostomy Pouch

You’ve got lots of choices for a one-piece ostomy pouch. Depending on your lifestyle, stoma style, output frequency and other considerations, you can find a quality one-piece ostomy that works for you. Pre-cut ostomy bags have a hole positioned in the center of the flange, whereas cut-to-fit styles allow you to make the opening accommodate your unique stoma size and shape. Drainable ostomy bags allow you to drain the contents of the pouch and continue using the same appliance. Closed ostomy bags are designed for one-time use – you discard the entire unit when it’s full – and they offer lower risk of leaks and odors. Other options you’ll find in one-piece ostomy systems include filtered bags for bathing or swimming, and bags with belt tabs to keep the appliance securely against your body.