Ostomy Deodorants

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The Ostomy Deodorant Collection at Medical Monks helps clear the air. With brands you know and trust like Adapt and Safe ‘n Simple, you’ll find the best ostomy deodorants right here along with all your colostomy, ileostomy and urostomy supplies you require.

Easy to Use Deodorants

Ostomy deodorants at Medical Monks hit the mark for a better overall experience. A few drops of high-quality urostomy or colostomy odor eliminator in your pouch can give you peace of mind to go about your day with confidence. Whether you choose a product with a blue tint that reminds you it’s there or a clear deodorant that won’t stain clothing, our wide selection includes choices to help find the best ostomy deodorant for you. They’re easy to use, available per bottle or in bulk quantities and contain no irritating perfumes or artificial scents.

Clean and Fresh

Neutralizing odors isn’t the only job for ostomy deodorants. To feel really clean and fresh, you need to be able to empty your ostomy pouch easily and completely. Many of the best ostomy deodorants in our collection include lubricants that reduce static and sticking while easing the emptying process. Hollister’s m9 Cleaner/Decrystallizer takes it one step further with a pH-balanced, non-acidic formula that eliminates odor while cleaning urinary drainage systems.

How to Use Ostomy Deodorants

Drop the manufacturer’s recommended amount of odor eliminator into a clean pouch before application. You can adjust this amount over time based on what works best for you, sometimes less is more!

For lubricating deodorants, we suggest adding the drops then massaging the pouch before application. This will coat the inside of the bag and allow the product to work more effectively.