Humidifiers and heat moisture exchangers are used in the medical setting for medically ventilated patients or individuals with Laryngectomy. These are important as it prevents the patients from getting respiratory complications. So if you’re looking for heat moisture exchangers or humidifiers, Medical Monks has a wide range of products from different brands and manufacturers.

Supports the Body by Providing Upper Airway Functions

Patients under anesthesia or intensive care may bypass their bodies’ natural warming, humidifying, and filtering functions of the upper airways. But to ensure no complications will happen, a heat moisture exchanger (HME) is utilized. It’s typically attached to the endotracheal tube (ETT) and the ventilator unit circuit’s Y-piece.

Patients with a Neck Stoma

If you live with an opening on your neck (stoma) due to a Laryngectomy, it’s essential to use an HME to reduce the production of mucus and excessive coughing. It provides relief by humidifying and filtering the air you breathe. Other benefits of HMEs are as follows:

  • Prevents insects and food particles from getting inside your stoma
  • Collects and saves the warm air and humidity
  • Ensures your lungs function well by keeping the air you breathe at the right temperature

Improve Lung Functions

HMEs are essential for patients and those living with a stoma on the neck. It ensures the lung functions correctly and prevents mucus from producing too much. Furthermore, it lets you breathe comfortably, reducing the risk of infection. So use one to experience the best results.

Get Your Humidifier & Heat Moisture Exchanger Right Here

If you’re looking for HMEs or humidifiers for yourself or a patient, Medical Monks offers a variety of brands to choose from that meet your individual needs. Shop from brands like Airlife, Provox, and many more. Remember to choose one that suits you!