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Our Story

Our family’s experience in the health care industry has shown us that there are many amazing people struggling to find the care they require. We felt the solution was a comprehensive online site for medical supplies, information and care – a single location created with those people in mind.
Living with an ostomy, recovering from surgery or managing daily medical conditions can be challenging. Finding the right medical supplies for your condition often seems daunting, and knowledgeable advice on product choice can be hard to come by.
What motivates us is creating the best health outcomes for each and every customer who interacts with us. We believe that offering the top products at an excellent value with a commitment to knowledgeable, compassionate service is the key to our shared success.
Our calling is to ensure better health outcomes for those in need, and by doing so, positively contribute to the well-being of our customers and communities. This is how and why we started MEDICAL MONKS™.
To us, a monk is the embodiment of what we hope to be for our customers: honest, compassionate and dedicated to helping others. We believe that by providing easier access to more affordable health products for everyone, we are fulfilling a promise and commitment to that ideal.
Our journey has given us the tools to serve others in this way, and we feel a calling to care for and provide the kind of help we know can make that kind of difference.
Whether you need advice on filling your doctor’s prescription for intermittent catheters, help finding where to buy colostomy bags near me or assistance billing your insurance company for your medical supplies, you can count on our customer service associates to be friendly, knowledgeable and compassionate.
You’re not alone on your health care journey. Medical Monks are here to help.

Scott Hetland


Dane Hetland

Vice - President