Barrier Sprays & Wipes

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Ostomy Barrier Sprays and Wipes from Medical Monks create a more comfortable ostomy experience. Clean, care for and protect delicate peristomal skin with the high-quality no-sting options in our collection.

Spray Away Sting

Peristomal skin requires diligent care. Irritation from adhesives, skin breakdown and fungal infections are the most common post-op complications for ostomates. Cleaning and caring for the skin around your stoma are paramount for a comfortable and successful ostomy experience.

Our collection of ostomy barrier sprays includes alcohol-free options for removing residual adhesive, enhancing barrier adhesives and creating a strong barrier against both adhesive skin damage and incontinence-based dermatitis. Whether you’re looking for a more secure adhesive bond with Adapt Medical Adhesive Spray or crusting over denuded skin with stoma powder and Cavilon No-Sting Barrier Film Spray, we carry the top brands of ostomy barrier sprays.

Wipe Off Worries

When it comes to peristomal skin prep, protective barrier wipes can remove a lot of worry. Our collection includes trusted brands like Allkare Protective Barrier Wipes that remove residual adhesives while laying down a strong barrier film under tapes, other barrier products or hydrocolloid dressings. Choose from a variety of single-use no sting barrier wipes, dabbers and wand applicators from brands you trust, like Safe ‘N Simple, Brava and SkinPrep. Protective barrier wipes are available in large and small quantities.