Wound Care


Mepilex® foam dressings from Mölnlycke are designed to conform and stay on. Their proven Safetac® Technology means less pain and trauma to the skin during changes.

3M™ Medical Tapes are designed with the performance qualities you need to provide better patient care, with a full line of soft cloth, foam, paper, “silk-like,” cloth and plastic tapes.

Fight to prevent exudate with Zetuvit Plus® superabsorbent dressings. These versatile dressings are indicated for a wide range of acute and chronic wounds.

Hydrofera® Blue's products are effective in all phases of the healing process, helping patients get back to their lives, faster.

ColActive® Plus collagen wound dressing facilitates natural wound healing, maintains wound pH levels, and lowers excess MMP activity. Available in Ag.

Debrisoft® Pads are ideal for cleansing wound surfaces and removing hyperkeratotic or dry skin, while Debrisoft® Lolly safely reaches deep, undermined, or tunneling areas where alternative debridement methods may be impractical.

PROMOGRAN MATRIX with ORC/Collagen is a clinically proven wound dressing essential for preparing the wound, helping promote tissue formation, and fighting infection (PRISMA w/silver).

Activon 100% Manuka honey wound filler contains no additives, will de-bride and de-slough, eliminate odors and provide a moist wound healing environment for any type of wound.

Cutimed® Sorbact® Dressings are versatile and effective in a variety of wound stages. It can be used to safely reduce bioburden in the short term, and also in the long-term treatment of already infected wounds.


Latest Blogs

Wound Care Tradition

>Wound care is a universal need. Everyone has experience with wound care products in one way or another, be it with first-aid supplies, simple drug store bandages, or basic gauze, tapes and other dressing retention. Medical Monks is your go-to medical supply store for these types of traditional wound care products, including bandages by Kerlix, Coban and Curity, plus ABD pads by Combine and Sorbalux. You’re just a few clicks away from affordable wound care products to treat everyday issues like cuts and scrapes, or minor sprains, burns and abrasions.

Advancing Wound Care

When more serious issues arise, Medical Monks still has you covered. We have a world-class selection of advanced wound dressings, applicable to a large variety of conditions, and deeply discounted. You’ll find foam and silicone dressings, along with alginates, for managing drainage of deep, highly-exuding wounds. Browse all the great deals on trusted brands like Aquacel, Hydrofera, Polymem, Mepilex, and Proximel!
When mechanical absorption is required, such as when managing a post-op incision site, shop our selection of negative pressure products from brands like Avelle.
For less deep, yet still serious conditions like cuts, abrasions, ulcers and burns, there are even more options. Hydrocolloid dressings, contact layers and transparent films, from brands like Nu-Derm, Tegaderm and Adaptic, protect the wound bed from infection as they promote faster healing.

Managing Infection

If infection control is what you require, silver dressings, like Silvercel or Aquacel AG, are a must. Silver is used in wound care for its extraordinary antimicrobial properties. As such, it tends to be impregnated into multiple types of dressings, from absorbent alginates to topical gels. Similarly, hydrogel dressings, honey dressings, impregnated gauze and more, can serve multiple purposes depending on their form.
For wounds that fester and are difficult to heal, such as diabetic ulcers or severe bed sores, consider biologically-engineered solutions. Our selection of collagens, extracellular matrices, and wound fillers are designed to help boost debridement and other beneficial processes, leading to quicker, more complete healing. Compression products, such as unna boots and multi-layer compression systems, can also help with difficult wounds by increasing blood flow and circulation to the affected area.
Regardless of your wound care needs, Medical Monks will help patch you up and send you on your way!